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We are a team of web designers, translators and copywriters who have been in the business for more than a decade. At the beginning we did only technical and legal translations (the Internet was then only a dream and so were fax machines) for a loyal client base that came to us largely through word-of-mouth.

Our clients find us easy to work with and appreciate the time we take to learn about their products (See Portfolio), so when they needed to have their site translated too, it was natural that they entrusted this task to us.

That is how we started because website planning and design is just a step forward if you are product-oriented and used to work in close co-operation with your clients and according to their directions.

Our aim is to convey your message as effectively as possible by creating a fast-loading, easy-to-visit site. We present all the information your visitors need, in a clear and easily accessible format.

The way we work

First phase:
We prepare a draft site, based on information we receive from you about your product or service and on your thoughts about how you would like the site to look and work.
This draft consists of a rough plan of the site, an estimate of the number of pages and overall cost, a time estimate, and often one or two examples. When relevant, we also provide a brief analysis of your competitors' sites.

Site development: a gradual approach
You retain control over site construction at all times. Aware that you know your product or service best, we listen carefully to your input and suggestions.
We use a gradual technique that gives your site that finished look right from the very first day on-line. None of those unpleasant, dead-end "under construction" pages. We simply do not include links to pages that are not ready. This requires a little extra work on our part, but we think that the result is worth the trouble.

When your site is online
Once your site is launched, there is still some very important work to do: making sure that your potential clients can access your site. We take care of the first registration with the most important search engines.
We have not finished yet. After delivery, we monitor the site for two months. If we feel that something should be changed or improved, we take care of it, free-of-charge.
There is more: if you request minor changes in the text within two months of the site being launched, we do it for you, again free-of-charge, and make corresponding changes in any versions of the site translated into other languages.

Please use our Enquiry Form to request a free estimate.

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