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DUMECO's fluid-dynamic ultrasound atomization

is based on the Hartmann physical principle. According to this principle, the axial impact of a compressed gas (air or steam) with a solid wall shaped like a resonant cavity, causes a periodical filling and emptying process capable of producing acoustic pressure waves, with frequencies ranging from 18,000 to 23,000 Hertz. The application of such principle, aimed at the best possible atomization of a fluid, has led to DUMECO's development of a nozzle where acoustic waves are produced by the gas under pressure inside the radial type resonant cavity: the waves hit the fluid to be atomized, which is fed by a central duct in a coaxial position with respect to the resonance chamber, and cause a very fine decomposition.

KS series atomizer

The nozzle of the KS series can be used for any pumpable liquid or suspension. As evidenced in the drawing, the main duct in which the liquid to be atomized flows, is completely obstacle free up to the outlet end where the ultrasonic waves work; so that the atomization process occurs completely outside the nozzle.

KOS series atomizer

The characteristics of the nozzle of the KOS series are similar to those of the previous model, but with an additional coaxial duct, which may be used for liquid or gassy fuels and in particular to incinerate liquids with support fluid.


... in incinerator furnaces ...
DUMECO's atomizers and burners can be advantageously used to incinerate residual liquids, usually characterized by high viscosity and aggressiveness; the constructive simplicity, the quality of the materials used and the excellent atomization yield, make the DUMECO burners ideal for this type of applications with minimum maintenance.
The main fields of applications are the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, refineries, the petrochemical industry, paper mills, steel mills, cement works, glassworks, the waste disposal industry, solid urban waste incinerators and distilleries.

... in spray systems

By exploiting the excellent atomization quality, a particularly interesting application of ultrasound atomizers is the injection of aqueous calcium hydroxide suspensions inside the HCL e SO2 dry laving towers of solid urban waste incinerator fumes. They can also be used in fume cooling towers with a high percentage of powders, or in the food industry to desiccate food.

... for coal-water mixtures ...
The handling difficulties connected to the use of carbon has recently led to the production of a particular fuel called REOCARB or DENSECOAL, consisting of a mixture of coal and water. Such fuel requires a particular type of atomization, for which DUMECO has developed a specific and complete range of burners offering the following advantages: multi-purpose operation, oil/gas coal-water mixtures, no nozzle abrasion, no need for support fuel or preheated comburant air.

... in boilers ...
DUMECO burners perform an ideal combustion of traditional fuels, such as heavy fuel oil and methane gas, with minimum excesses of air and unburned substances. Our burners are available with capacities ranging from 100 Kg/h to 25,000 Kg/h with an adjustment field of 1:5, and can be adapted to combustion chambers through a simple nozzle modification.


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